Powerful, incredible woman of God. Pastor Christi, you have been a channel of healing and inspiration, wisdom and love.
— Tamarah Johnson

Some woman wear many hats but Christi prefers to wear many SHOES: wife, mom, pastor, worship leader, teacher, mentor, daughter and friend. She and her husband Fabian recently made a huge transition by moving to Southeast Texas to be the Associate Pastors at Orange Community Church. They enjoy spending time with each other & their free-spirited daughter Julia.

I'm Christi Miranda, a proud working mom with a daughter and an ultra handsome husband. I struggle with my weight, listen to audio books and podcasts like its a full time job and love all things that sparkle.

When it comes to ministry it has pretty much been my entire life. I have been on staff at a church serving as everything from an administrative assistant (which, if you know me you know that is laughable!) to an associate pastor. I love the local church and am committed to seeing people reached with the good news of Jesus Christ! And y'all, I LOVE to preach. Yep -true story - I get sweaty, jump up and down, move my arms like a drowning person and just go for it! It is one thing that just makes me come alive! 

Through my work in the local church I have developed a real love for women & the dreams they carry. I have found that we wear so many hats that we often lose sight of our purpose or our dream inside the everyday chaos of life. Sometimes we feel a calling or a desire to go after a God dream in our heart, or to develop a gifting that we have but someone or something has discouraged us so much we just give up.

Girl, I know that feeling! I use to be that woman! Not too long ago I had an ah-ha moment and began to do the work to really go after my purpose. I began to align my yes's with what I knew in my heart the Lord was calling me to do... even though I was scared.  Maybe you are scared. Maybe in the midst of raising babies, loving your husband, running your home, working your job you KNOW you are made for more but you are scared. I want you to know you do not have to do this alone. I want to connect with you, help you find community, coach you and see you begin to walk in the purpose you were made for!